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Providing Actionable Intelligence through Vision-based AI Technology

Aerial Data Gathering
Vision-based AI Technology

Harnessing the Power of Drones and AI to Revolutionize Industries

Drones as a Service (DaaS) can bring several advantages to various industries, enhancing their operations and providing valuable data and insights. Overall, Drones as a Service can provide industries with a wide range of benefits, from cost savings and operational efficiency to improved data collection and analysis. As the technology continues to advance, the use of drones in various industries is expected to become even more prevalent.

Our Expertise

Drone Operations &
Data Collection

At Aerospace Reboot we provide Drone with Ground Operators (Drone mission via fixed mode possible due to our autonomous routing software)

Direct Data Ingestion to the cloud (All the data collected via drone is Ingested in cloud on site in real time)

AI Vision Based + Geo Position Analysis

Aerospace Reboot uses AI Software for Analysis and Generation of the report using geo-tagged images from the drone (in Cloud)

Customizable Report Generation

AI based Software for generating the report as per the schema designed

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With a passion for innovation, Aerospace Reboot is revolutionizing drone technology. Our vision-based AI technology enables us to provide actionable intelligence through aerial data gathering.

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